Well guys and gals Sarah and I were talking today and came up with something that I think is going to make life easier for us in the shop, hopefully it will also drop our lead time some. We’re going to offer standard holsters, which basically means black only, right or left handed, 1.5in. belt, etc just simple rigs. No color options, exotics or anything else to worry about $95 same as we have been.

Then custom starts at $105 which includes everything that we’re currently offering. Now one reason for this is that we can look at a sheet while building and if it’s a standard rig know exactly what we’re building without having to worry about colors and options. This should help us keep those orders in a batch in the system, limit our screw ups etc. There is a reason that Henry Ford said you can have any color you want as long as it’s black. That limiting of options made it easier and less complicated to make a car. Same idea here, other than we’re still offering all the options but just via a different page of sorts on the site. I should also say if this limits my mistakes that means I’m spending less on leather and there will be less cost passed on to you guys buying the rigs as well, so I’m seeing this as a positive overall.

It should allow us to streamline our basic/standard rigs a little more in our process and give guys the options for something more fancy or complicated. I’m thinking that in the future we may even end up with two different lead times of sorts, but we’ll see right now that won’t make much sense unless I hired someone to help with basic holsters or something along those lines and I’m not willing to train someone right now;)

So either way you’ll see the changes roll out on the site tonight, as always existing orders won’t change, just new ones from today on.

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  1. Awesome news. Received my Crossroads OWB holster today and love it! Maybe with the new system you may get caught up enough to offer the custom belts again. Once I saw the holster I couldn’t help but want a matching belt made by you.

    • Well it’s still probably going to happen;) The biggest thing with belts is switching gears now from cutting and working with smaller pieces like holster to 40+ inch long strips for belts. We’ll see though, it’s been nice to just focus on holsters but I suspect I’ll start building belts again before too long;)