Updates and Anniversary sale!

Updates! We’ve been constantly updating our existing holsters and I’ve been working to develop a few new holsters too. Some of these have been in testing for more than 2 years now. Others are newer, but nearly ready to bring out.

The Appalachian holster, which is my take on the classic Avenger style holster, but built out for cross draw OWB carry. Pricing starts at $95, just like my other rigs. Exotics and upgrade options are also available.

My switchback magazine carrier has been in testing for a long time with a single offset clip, allowing you to carry a single mag IWB. I think this design really shines with the smaller single stack carry guns.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be releasing a few more holsters.

My Overland holster is a strong side version of the same Avenger style of holster. It includes a reinforced mouth to insure one handed re-holstering. The rig pictured has an optional Speed Cut to allow the gun to leave the holster at a lower angle and clear leather quicker and is a custom option.

My Vertical Shoulder Holster, which allows comfortable carry for larger firearms without the need of a thumb break or other snap retention device.

These last two are not available on the site quite yet, though if your interested in either just email me and I can give you more information about when they will be ready.

Our Anniversery sale

Remember 4 years ago, when gas averaged $2.55 a gallon? Well, like everything these days, the price of gas has gone up, along with the price of dang near everything else. Our holster leather has gone up, along with most of our materials. And, of course, the cost of us just getting by has gone up as well. So, as a result, have our prices.

We’ve been wanting to do something special for our 4th anniversary this year, and I have been running through options and ways to make some sort of sale. To celebrate, I’ve come up with this. When I started Adams Holsters, I sold a basic holster for $65 with free shipping. What we’re going to do is, as of January 1st,  we’re going to go through all of our
holster orders between today and the first of the year and pick at random out of a hat, 4 orders to get our original pricing.

So, what this means is, if you place an order between now and the first of the year for a Texas holster for $95 + shipping, and your name is drawn, I’ll knock that down to $65 shipped. If you’ve got a fancy exotic holster on order, we’ll take and knock $30 off your order, and ship it for free. So no matter what you order between now and the new year, you get the chance to roll back the pricing to 4 years ago. If you’ve got a Sharkbite or just a mag carrier, I’ll go ahead and do the same, knocking $30 off the order and ship it for free.

So while I may not be able to do a thing about the rising cost of fuel or anything else, I can give you guys and gals a deal, as a thank you, to celebrate our anniversary. Sarah, Eli, and I really do appreciate all the support and business that everyone has given us the last 4 years. We promise to keep on working to build the best dang holsters we can figure out how to build!

Thanks again!

Luke Adams

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