Interesting color combinations

Well there are times when I get requests for certain color combinations that I’m honestly not sure how they will turn out. This set was one of those situations. I had a request for green ostrich leg, and while I have green ostrich leg on hand I’d never had much call for it;)

None the less I decided I’d give it a try, and I was left to my own devices on the rest of the color scheme. Well I decided the green would go really well on a natural holster as well as the tan of the gator. Once I went through laying out the colors all that was left was building this rig. I had the apprehension I mentioned in an earlier post about natural holsters. Since of course they are difficult to get right, and easy to make a mistake with. If you haven’t read it scroll down the page and take a look it’s an interesting look at an issue holster makers and other leather workers deal with that some people may not realize.

None the less after much cleaning and insuring the shop was ready to do a natural holster(I don’t do very many, especially not in combination with exotics). I went to work and it took a fair amount of time but I think the end results are worth the effort. I really like the way the green stands out on the holster, while still having a bit of the classic looks of the natural and tan gator.

So overall I would call this experiment a success, but I do hope it’s a while from now when I need to repeat it;) I should also mention not all combinations like this are a success at least from my point of view. Though people have different tastes, and just because it doesn’t light my fire doesn’t mean that it doesn’t light yours. That said though if it’s a color combination I just don’t think will look good or I can’t get the hide in a particular tone don’t be surprised if I tell you it’s not something I’m willing to take on. At the end of the day I’m of the opinion that I’ve gotta be happy with the rigs I’m building, and if that makes you happy as well that’s really what I’d like.

Take care!


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