Wallets? I thought you made holsters?

Well some guys I’m sure have noticed I released a wallet and wondered what that has to do with holsters that I typically design. While it may seem out of left field there is actually a tie in reason I originally developed the wallet, and why I released it now.

Going back in time around 2006-2008 I started having some back troubles around the time Sarah and I started traveling around the country. Could have been all the desk work over the years, or driving. None the less I needed a small wallet I could move to my front pocket. At the time I didn’t do leather work, I used a binder clip around my credit card and cash and tossed it in my front pocket. This worked but it was clunky.

Fast forward a few years and I had started making holsters in around 2010 I started working on my pocket holster designs. Well I now had a dilemma I had moved my wallet to my pocket, which now daily held a gun. Moving the binder clip “wallet” to the rear pocket turned out to be pretty uncomfortable. So I started trying to figure out a slim wallet that would work in the rear pocket and not hurt my back while not interfering with my typical Texas holster I was carrying at the time. I made the first prototype which worked but relied on a kydex latch of sorts, that slid out of the way as you opened it. It was clever, but a little difficult and fiddly. Despite this a few people over the years saw my unique wallet and wanted one of their own. So there are some of that design floating around in use. But I never did put it up for sale on my site.

Fast forward again;) 2016 I bought a laser cutter/engraver. Initially the plan was just engraving logo’s and artwork onto holsters. But it’s turned into a much more useful tool in the shop. I’ve laser cut some difficult patterns etc, but also engraved badge numbers and badge logos for law enforcement onto their holsters. So I got thinking about small things I could cut more accurately on the laser than by hand. So I started working on a new design for a wallet trying to eliminate the need for the kydex latch and make it 100% leather. This sounds simple, and the result is simple while it still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. I made a couple different versions and ran them for a while. They were alright and solved the latch problem but had problems of their own. After several versions I came up with this one that I’m building and selling now.

I should mention the size and thickness was always the focus, this is not a wallet for carrying everything with you. It’s designed to carry up to around 6 credit cards, and a small amount of cash that’s it. So if you are like myself, and carry a credit card, debit, concealed carry license, and a few other things along with a couple twenties etc in your wallet this works very well. I designed the original wallet to be almost exactly the size of a folded in half dollar bill. This new wallet is that plus around an 1/8in. on two sides to account for the lack of the latch, and allow the stitching around the edge.

So this new wallet still lets me carrying in my rear pocket the stuff I need, leaving my front pockets open for guns/ammo or cell phone and knife etc. More than anything it just puts a wallet in my rear pocket that just works and doesn’t get in my way or become uncomfortable while still being made of good hermann oak leather(or kangaroo in the case of some of these initial rigs).

So that’s the story of how a holster maker decided to sell a wallet;) I likely will do other things like this as well over the years. Mostly if I find a niche that I need something, and either don’t like the options available or can’t find what I want myself. I just start building what I want, and I figure if I want it and can’t find someone selling it very likely there are other guys that do as well. If I can solve the design and compatibility issues with it, eventually I’ll release my headlamp I’ve been using for nearly seven years as well;) Just like the wallet, there are some out there in the wild since if you see me in person it’s very likely you’ve seen my head light that is attached to the brim of my ballcap I wear all the time.

If you’d like to buy one for yourself I’ve got some in stock here: http://adamsholsters.com/store/FRONTSIDE-WALLET

Take care!


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