Holster in depth – Introduction

So welcome to my new series of sorts, I know seldom do I post here and I’ve been branching out via social media and whatnot the last several years with this type of discussion. I wanted to put it all in one place, so it’s going here and the blog and will be cross posted to the social platforms.

What is the purpose, so I get allot of questions about my various holster designs and how they fit into the lives of the guys and gals carrying. Sometimes it’s difficult to over the internet convey exactly why I designed a rig or what purpose it’s intended to serve. So this series as a whole will cover many things. Primarily though it will be why I built a particular design and how I personally use that design or the feedback I get from customers on how they use that design.

Hopefully that will give guys a more in depth idea and make it easier to make a selection on what holster they want or need for a particular application.

If you’ve got any questions you can post them here in the comments or ideally email me luke@adamsholsters.com so we can run through things and figure out what the best holster is for you. Note, this series isn’t for everyone, this is for those guys who are trying to find more information about a particular holster or in that research stage prior to buying. Though other people may get value from it if they are just curious about a particular design also. Fair warning they likely will not be short posts and they will not likely come out on any reliable schedule;)

Take care!


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