Holster in depth – Texas Holster

Full Coverage Elephant hide Texas Holster

Let’s start with an oldie but goodie;) The Texas holster, I designed this holster in late 2009 and I’ll say it’s still to this day a favorite design of mine as well as one of the most versatile and useful holsters I’ve ever built. There has been allot of minor variations over the years but the broad concepts have remained the same since the initial prototypes.

So why did I design it?
Well this was my first actual design and first holster I started working on and it was to solve my own problem at the time. My wife and I were traveling at the time living on the road and in south Texas. It’s hot in south Texas even in the winter months and me being from the Upper Peninsula I don’t deal with the heat well. So I needed a way to carry in lighter clothing and I’ll be honest up till this point in my life I was an occasional carry guy. I didn’t have a comfortable carry solution I just hadn’t found anything that worked for me. And worse the things I found like vertical shoulder holsters really didn’t work in that climate or mode of dress. So I needed something that would allow me to carry a gun within shorts and t-shirt type of weather with a fairly high level of concealment. And the Texas holster not only accomplished that, but it actually went further, it allowed me to carry a full sized 1911 and later dual mags in that mode of dress comfortably.

Plain Natural Texas Holster

How do I use it?
For myself the Texas is still my general go to when I need to conceal a firearm. I can conceal with say an OWB rig but IWB like the Texas is easier to insure concealment and less headaches for me. So if I’m going to town I’m 99% wearing a Texas holster with one of my carry guns, I do change between large and small guns depending on the level of concealment I want or the weight. But being that it’s comfortable for me it makes the Texas the most versatile holster I make for me, if I had only one holster it would probably be a Texas. I can carry it in almost any situation without much issues and it works well. That doesn’t mean it’s not a compromise to some degree for certain situations but the vast majority of the time it works for me.

Another plain Texas in Mahogany

Who’s it for?
Well I see the Texas as I mentioned as very versatile. Actually I’d say for most of my customers it’s a great starting point and covers the most bases. I often get requests for holsters outside of the normal range of designs. But more often than not it’s because someone used a bad example of a particular position or design and decided it wouldn’t work for them. As an example I can’t tell you how many guys have said “I can’t do IWB” and then I’ve put a Texas holster on them and they changed their minds. So if you want to conceal fairly well, and have what I think is one of the most comfortable designs available for the position then the Texas rig is a good place to start. Then you can somewhat fill in other niche holsters after the fact to fit into other parts of your lifestyle or modes of dress to better serve those niches.

A little wild, gator and ostrich leg trim

Now one caveat to that statement. If you are say in an environment where a niche holster design works better all day everyday then great use that rig. I’m not saying this is for everyone, but for most guys I think this is a great versatile starting point.

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