Wacom tablet press and hold issues Windows 10

Photoshop and Wacom press and hold/right click menu issues


So lots of folks myself included have been irritated that our Wacom tablets that have for years worked fine now are stuck ever single time you hold in position with your tablet pen having it fire up a right click dialog. This is absolutely irritating and completely ruins the function of the device. The solutions I’ve found were disabling “Windows Ink” which much like most Microsoft products is completely embedded into the OS these days. So disabling Windows Ink also kills pressure sensitivity which isn’t a solution. Disabling the right click behavior has no effect best I can tell so that’s not a solution either. I’ve tried manually creating config’s etc for photoshop which are supposed to work but zero luck.

That said this morning I found a solution, whether or not it’s going to work for you who knows but I’m posting it just in case it does.

1. So first thing make sure Windows Ink is checked in the Wacom driver:

2. Next open up a “run” dialog win+R key on the keyboard, type “regedit” without the quotes and hit enter.

3. Go to: “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Wisp\Touch”

4. On the right hand side find the key “TouchMode_hold” and set that to “0”

5. Then go here: “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Wisp\Pen\SysEventParameters”

6. Find “HoldMode” on the list and set it to “3”

Exit out fire up Photoshop and it should work just fine now. If you’d like to share this information feel absolutely free to do so, if you want to write it up better or cleaner or do a video or any other damn thing go for it. I just had to find a solution and I couldn’t find this information so I had to figure it out with trial and error. Good luck.

Also to note, why is this on a blog for a holster company. Yes this is Luke for my guys who know me reading this and no I’ve not been taken over by aliens or a spam company. My blog while absolutely tiny is indexed by google. So my figure was I’d post this and if someone else in the wide world is searching for this problem it’s possible they will find this. I will also post it on Facebook, however that isn’t searched by google so it’s likely not going to help many folks there. But this was the “least work” solution to be able to share this with people who it might help. Apologize that I’m adding non holster related content in this case but it was the easiest solution. I’m sure as time permits I’ll write more holster content just about at the same rate I have over the years which is once or twice a year;)

Take care and Happy New Year!


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