IN Stock Sale!

Want to skip the lead? Check out my IN STOCK SALE! I’m clearing out some holsters that have been cluttering up the shop. There are a couple with very small issues noted (imperfect dye), but most of them are just perfect. So if you like my work, but don’t like to wait, take a look at what I’ve got on hand and get them while they last! Click here to see what’s available!

Basically guys I’ve got some that I either built wrong, etc because I didn’t read the order or mixed up what I was building. So I ended up with a rig that was brown and should of have been black things like that. Sometimes it was a pattern cut for the wrong gun, so I built out an extra holster for that gun rather than leave the pattern on my bench waiting for an order. So whatever the circumstances these rigs are ready to go, all have some discount, a couple have a little more because of a few little cosmetic dye issues. Those have an extra $10ish off them. If you don’t see it listed I don’t have it;) But this is a chance to pick up a brand new fancy rig without the wait!

Take care!


Lead time update!

Lead time update for everyone I’m dropping down to 10-12+ weeks as of this morning and that should be pretty accurate. We’ve been getting through orders pretty well a little slow here and there but mostly where I’d like to be;) So in looking at the current run of orders we took at 18 week leads are actually coming in at 12 currently, there were a few here and there that actually were 18 week leads for one reason or another.

So good news and things are going well here, Spring has finally sprung in the UP hopefully no more snow this year though I had some last week so I’m not holding out too much hope yet. June snow is uncommon but not unheard of here so we’ll see;) Eli and Sarah are doing great, he’s actually spending a bit more time in the backpack in the shop with us as we’re working and that’s getting easier as he’s getting bigger. He’s not quite walking yet, he’ll stand and walk with you and step between things so any day now he should be taking his first steps.
Overall though things are going great here with us, busy but that’s always a good thing;)

Take care!


Updates for a new year

Well guys and gals it’s been a busy and productive 2012 and thanks so much for your support with all the orders and kind words;) We’ve been as always trying to get things out the door quicker without compromising our quality, that way your not waiting as long for your gear. It’s something that I’m always thinking about, but lately I’ve found I’m spending allot more time on belts as they come through my orders than holsters, not because I’m making more of them either. Belts take me a long time to cut, stitch and build along with finishing. So because of the extra time involved in working with belts and switching back and forth I’m going to discontinue them for at least the time being. It will not effect orders that are in the list already, just new orders going forward. Basically I’m going to see if stopping building belts for a while will help us make more holsters and get them out the door quicker, if so then chances are we’ll stick just with holsters going forward. That’s always been our primary focus anyways, so we’ll just play it by ear going forward on what we will do.

Other news, Eli is growing like a week and will be crawling/walking soon, not sure which first but he’s going to keep Sarah and I on our toes even more shortly. Both him and Sarah are healthy and happy as am I. So things are busy but going well. We are upping our lead time again to 18+ weeks, in January  we had a five times the number of orders of any month pretty much all last year. So that’s a heck of a way to start the new year but it also is driving this belt change as well as the lead time increase;)

Take care and as always I hope things are going well for you all and your families!


Lead time update

We are happy to announce we’re dropping our lead time back down to 14-16+ weeks instead of the 18+ we’ve been working with. We’ve been playing catch up all summer since our first son was born and we’re making progress;) Winter is bearing down on us quickly up here in the UP of Michigan so we have been busy cutting firewood to heat the shop for the winter months as well. But we’re settling in for another long winter of building out the holsters you all seem to love;)

I’ve got some new designs and holsters in the works several that have been going for quite a while now that should be seeing the light of day fairly soon as well so expect some updates with new designs and holsters for 2013!

Take care and thanks as always for all the support!


Family reunion

Well everyone Eli and Sarah and doing great and we’re all adjusting to the lack of sleep that having a new baby brings;) We’ve been trying to catch back up to where our lead was planned at this point, we are a couple weeks behind our estimate at this point. You know when they say it rains it pours;) We’re heading out of town for our family reunion this week, we’ll be back as soon as we can but I expect we’ll be out of the shop from 6/28-7/5 or so. I had really hoped that Eli would be an early baby so we’d have more time getting things buttoned up between his birth and the reunion but it didn’t shake out that way. So we’re going to get as much done as we can before and once we get back I’m going to be living in the shop for a while till we get caught back up;) Thanks everyone for the great support with Eli, it’s appreciated and all your patience it’s just been awesome to have all the support so a big thank you from the Adams’ family;)


We just had our first son Eli, it’s been one heck of a time the last week or two getting things done. Everything went well, everyone is happy/healthy so nothing to complain about there;)

I’m currently getting caught back up with all the emails and I expect to be back on top of things within the next day or two. I should be back building holsters within the next day or so as well, so feel free to shoot me a note if you’ve got any questions at all! 

New holster maker on the way!

Update, we’re heading to the hospital to be induced, so we’ll be having our baby here in the next day or so depending on how things go. That means I won’t be in the shop for at the very least a couple days. We live around 60 miles from the hospital so I don’t expect I’ll be back around until Sarah and the baby come home as well. I probably will have access to email from time to time depending also on how things go but expect email/phone calls to be responded to a bit slower than usual for sure.

Either way I just wanted to pass on the update so everyone knows there will be a bit of a delay in their orders and not to worry. As always keep me posted if you have any questions at all!


Spring Update

Hello everyone I just wanted to give everyone an update. We are doing great, some of you might know we’re expecting our first child here in another 13 weeks. So to plan for that I’ve added a little bit of time to my lead time. As you can imagine I’m going to be busy at the hospital and whatnot for a little while so we’ll try and get everyone’s holsters out before that and after. Either way things are going well with us and I hope everyone else’s spring is going well too!

Take care!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you guys all enjoy your holiday and food. Things are going well here at Adams Holsters, we’ve been busy finishing up insulating the shop and getting our firewood finished but we’re looking forward to getting all our holiday orders built and out to all of you;)

Take care!


New Holster design!

I just finished up my work on a new hunting holster. Those of you who know the area where I’m at in the UP of Michigan there is allot of hunting that goes on. I set out looking for a way to carry a large heavy gun in a chest type of holster and made some changes but the end result works just great. You can sit in a blind, walk, sit in a car and still draw the gun without much issue(depending on barrel length). It’s designed to protect the muzzle all the way to insure walking through rough terrain isn’t going to mar your gun, no rentension straps to have to fiddle with, just boned modern holster like my other rigs. It’s got enough flex that as you move it doesn’t bind when you bend and work, while it’s still very accessible. Just a note this should be obvious from the pictures but this is not a concealment holster, with a gun this large in the location/orientation that it sits your not really going to conceal it, but it wasn’t designed for that.

Now also I should mention the name of this design is going to be the “Burnsie” after a good friend of mine that passed away a few years back named Mike Burns, though we all knew him as Burnsie. He was an avid outdoorsman, Eagle Scout and just a one of a kind person, he was killed tragically by a drunken boater and I’ve been meaning to dedicate a design to his memory. So since he liked large Thompson contenders and revolvers I figured this would be a fitting design to name after him. Overall he’ll certainly be missed but I think this type of holster fits with who he was and makes sense;) So that’s why it’s called the Burnsie;)