A long time ago I started thinking about putting together some 1911 grips with exotic leather on them. The problem was always getting the base grips or making them, it's tricky. Getting the spec just right is difficult, especially by hand and how would do it without making them very expensive. Another problem is the thickness of the grip and hide, the exotic hides vary in thickness so I'd need several different specs to cover the hides I want to work with. Fast forward 8 years or so I'm doing allot of work within CAD and 3d printing(along with other methods) to build things to exact spec or very close. So I went back to looking at the 1911 grip problem and decided to tackle it.

So I designed a set of grip panels that I can adjust in the software to account for the various thickness of the hides, and then I build them to order and affix the hide to the substrate. This gives me great consistent fit, and the beautiful look of the exotic on top of the panels. Also as an added advantage it's a polymer substrate so it's not going to swell or change like wood can, it won't absorb moisture(the leather can, but it shouldn't with the treatment I apply).

There will be more options and hides available as things progress but for now I'm going to just do some semi common things and you may see some crazier options also later down the road. If you've got any questions as always feel free to shoot me an email luke@adamsholsters.com and I'm happy to help!

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1911 grips

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