Kydex Holsters

Kymera Holsters is a branch of Adams Holsters dedicated to kydex holsters and designs. It's run in my same shop just the other side of it, it will eventually include some other family members working along side me to help make the holsters. But we're bringing some of my design insight and attention to detail to kydex holsters.

If you're in the market for a kydex holster feel free to take a look around and as always ask any questions you might have. Do note that while I've done allot of kydex privately over the years this whole venture is rather new, and since I retooled that whole section of the shop to include new processes I'm not currently using my collection of dummy guns from leather for forming kydex. As a result I've got a limited model selection of primarily 1911's and Glock's, though I will be expanding that over time. And if there is a gun you'd like to see me build a kydex rig for please feel free to send me an email (yes I'm trying to keep my email separate just to insure I know what guys are looking for and make life easier).

The site is

Here is an example of my Edict Appendix holster for a 1911:

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