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Texas IWB(inside the waistband) Holster
Review by Joe K 5 out of 5 Stars!
I am a retired Law Enforcement officer who has been carrying over 26 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars looking for a comfortable concealed holster and, I found it with the Texas IWB. This is by... »
Posted on 08/19/2013
SHARKBITE™ Pocket Holster
Review by T. Hernlund 5 out of 5 Stars!
I once heard someone say that if you've never carried in a custom holster then you're really just making do and have no idea how comfortable carrying can be. I mostly dismissed that as just one man's... »
Posted on 09/14/2010

SwitchBack Holster

SwitchBack Holster
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Price: $104.99
Availability: Available to order
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Available Options:
Handgun Model:
Right or left hand(a right handed version of this holster can be carried anywhere from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock but the grip will face your right side and is designed to be drawn with the right hand, opposite for left handed rigs):
Exotic Hides:
Stitching Color:
Belt Width:
Belt Thickness:
Attachment to belt:
Full Grain Leather Lining:
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This holster is based on my popular Texas holster. It uses allot of the functions and design elements but it's built around the neutral cant. In other words the gun is straight up and down. This allows it to carry further forward than the standard Texas holster. It also lends itself to crossdraw carry quite well, which is actually what it was originally built for.

  • Strong secure clips make this holster easy to take on and off as needed.
  • Full sweatshield covering hammer and rear of slide
  • Interchangeable clips that are interchangable with my Texas holster
  • Smooth back of holster with details boned into the outer surface only for comfort
  • Wide platform to distribute the weight of the gun
  • This holster is designed to give you a full combat grip on the gun while it's still in the holster.
  • Each holster is designed and molded specifically for each gun model.

All holsters are available for both left and right hand.

Please email if you have any questions I can also help you over the phone if you prefer. 906-662-4212

Please contact me if you are Active Military or Police for your discount before ordering.

Carry Position

The analogy of a clock is generally used to describe the location of carrying a holster or gun. The 12 o clock location is your belt buckle and 6 o clock would be the center of your back.

You can wear this at any position that it's comfortable for you, but since I wear one of these quite often I'll give you a couple pointers of what works for me. 

You can carry this holster strong side, anywhere from 1-5 o'clock but since it's straight cant it will print more in the grip area so it's generally recommended to stay more to the front of the body. I normally stay with 1-3 on strong side, or 9-11 on crossdraw, which works quite well for me.

A couple other pointers when carrying further foward, hike your pants when you sit and get in the car. Depending on how you dress this can really help to keep the bottom of the holster and the muzzle from digging into the bend of your leg. Of course do so without drawing attention, but it does help allot. If you have a little bit of the normal "beer belly" build like I do you can tuck the holster into around 1:30-2:00 position and it rides against your belly which helps to conceal it. I've had great luck carrying a Taurus PT145 in that position, but I prefer it while standing and walking. If I'm sitting the whole day I prefer a normal strong side holster. There are guys out there though that prefer appendix or crossdraw while sitting.

Attachment Options

All clips are able to be used as a "tuckable" config by removing the Chicago screws from below the existing clips. Then removing the clips and then placing the new clips on the front of the holster and attaching with the included Chicago screws. Additional sets of clips are available in the accessory section. If you have any questions on attachments please call or email.

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