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General FAQ

Please click here for holster specific questions, such as "I just got my holster and it's too tight".

Q:  Do you offer a military discount?

A:  Yes, I certainly do! I offer a 10% discount on everything I make for active and retired military and law enforcement. Please contact me before placing your order for instructions on how to claim your discount. I also would like to extend my personal thanks for your service to our country.

Q:  What method do you use to ship? How much is shipping?

A:  USPS Priority unless it's a small item, like clips, then parcel post. I average 2-5 days on most deliveries after I drop off your holster to the post office.

Shipping for one item (either a mag pouch or holster) you pay just $8. If you get two items it's $12. If you buy more than two items I will ship it to you for free (with the exception of the Starter Packs). Flat rates that are easy on your wallet. When you get the holster you will notice that the price on the label that I paid to ship it to you is very close to these numbers and I do my best to keep these prices accurate.

Q:  How do I pay for my order?

A:  I accept payments in the form of cash, check, money order, paypal, or credit card. Those payments are taken when you place the order or within the first week. If payment isn't made during the first week your order will be cancelled. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email,

Q:  Do you make holsters/mag carriers in left hand?

A:  Any holster/ mag carrier I make is available in either left or right handed configurations. Mag carriers can also have bullets facing forward or rearward depending on your preference. Normal is forward, unless you request otherwise.

Q:  Can you make a holster for a model not listed on your product page?

A:  Sure! As long as I can order a dummy gun to use to make the holster. Just contact me to discuss other guns not listed. One thing to note, if I order a dummy gun it generally adds an extra two weeks to the order process for me to get the dummy gun in and build the holster (may be less depending on current lead times). Also, I am not an FFL and you cannot ship me your gun to use for molding.

Q:  What is the difference between inside and outside the waistband holsters (IWB/OWB)?

A:  Inside the waistband holsters go between your body and your pants. This allows the gun to ride very close and tight to the body. It also allows you to conceal a larger gun because the barrel is hidden within the pants, so you don't need as long of a cover garment.

Outside the waistband holsters are a more traditional holster that attaches to your belt and the gun sits outside your pants. You usually gain more comfort with this style but you need a longer cover garment to cover the slide of a full sized gun.

Q:  What do you mean when you say your holsters are hand made?

A: Well I take a side of leather (half a cow) and cut the pattern (that I designed) for your holster with a knife (not a punch press). Then I take the pieces and trim them to make sure they match up just right. And the rest of the process of making your holster is done by me with my two hands. Really, the only machines I use are a drill press with a sanding drum and a few other attachments for helping the edges along, and an old cast iron saddle makers sewing machine. That said, the parts that I do use a machine for I follow up by hand and double-check that it's right. Originally, I hand stitched everything. However, I've found that the machine stitching is holding up exceedingly well. So much so that I've never had stitching fail in one of my holsters in the years I've been doing it this way. If it ever does happen I'll repair it free of charge.

Q: What weight leather do you use in your holsters?

A:  Generally 8-9oz. Hermann Oak leather is used in my holsters. Smaller rigs I will use lighter leather as needed. I've been known to make smaller rigs out of 5-7oz leather. You can request a specific weight, but if it's too light for the application I won't guarantee that the holster won't collapse over time.