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Holster Instructions

Q:  Should I oil my holster?

A:  No. Oil tends to break down leather and it will ruin a holster faster than anything else. A tiny bit won't hurt, but it's easy to go too far. Unless your holster is seeing very strange operating conditions, I wouldn't recommend it. If you are wondering about something specific please contact me.

Q:  Is there anything I can do to restore that original shine the holster had?

A:  My holsters ship with a couple different finishes, but you can use a regular Kiwi neutral shoe wax on the surface as needed. Don’t use more than once a month, and then only a light coat, and buff it off with a cloth (don't use colored polish. It can get on your clothes). I would recommend Renaissance wax, as the best option, but it’s quite a bit more pricy than Kiwi.

Q:  How do I stop my adjustable clips from getting loose over time?

A:  The best way I've found is to use blue loctite (temporary) on the screws once you figure out what cant and height you prefer. You can also use PTFE tape for a more temporary solution. I've also heard of guys using nail polish with decent results but I haven't tried that myself.

Q: My holster is too tight and I can't draw properly.

A: This is actually fairly common, and there are quite a few reasons for this. It can be the finish on your gun, humidity related, or that your gun model happens to vary like 1911's. Whatever the reason there is a fairly easy fix. Also, keep in mind this is much better than a holster that is too loose. Leather will relax but getting it to tighten up is allot more difficult. 

WARNING: Please do not use any oil or water. Doing so can/will harm the boning of the holster. When in doubt please call (906)-662-4212 or email I'd be happy to help. 

First try to draw the gun 50-100 times, if it is too difficult to draw from the start move on to the next step.

What it means to block out a holster is just to stretch it slightly. The best way is using a zip lock bag. Just take the gun (unloaded of course) and put it inside the bag, then insert the gun and bag into the holster and let it sit for a few hours. Take the gun and bag out of the holster and remove the gun from the bag. Test the draw. If it's still too tight then repeat the procedure but leave the gun and bag in the holster overnight. 

Repeat test draws. If this doesn't yield the results you’re looking for please email or call and we'll decide how to proceed from there. 

Q: What modes can I carry with these clips? Are these tuckable?

A: There are several types of clips but they all operate the same way. When I ship a holster the clips are usually in position between the two layers of leather with the Chicago screw holding them in place. This is the most stable position and also allows nice solid every day carry. 

If you would like to carry with a tuckable option, remove the screw and then remove the post from the other side. Once you can see through the hole pull the clip straight up towards the top of the holster sliding the piece from between the two pieces of leather. Depending on style of clips this may be stiff. I've found using a small loop of rope/string through the clip can sometimes allow you to remove them easier. Once they are out just lay them on the front of the holster and place the Chicago screw in place and tighten them down.