Lead Times

Lead times are one of the hardest things to estimate for the custom holster industry. One of the primary reasons is that most companies making custom leather are small operations. Myself as an example, I do all the leather work myself. My wife helps to keep the books and orders under control and answer all the email and phone requests also. So with limited time and resources it's really easy to get backlogged quickly. I can produce one or two holsters a day maximum. If I get a little rush of orders I can quickly be a week or more further behind than what the lead time on the website lists.

I've had a few people ask how I calculate my lead times and here is the short version. If I can currently put out say 10 holsters a week, and I've got orders for 40 holsters then I've got a 4 week lead time. So right now I've got 12 weeks of orders, in our example that just means that there are 120 orders/holsters ahead of the guy placing an order today. To further complicate matters though, that stays the same if I keep getting 10 orders a week, but say I get 12, then the lead time of course goes up further. Or vice vesus if I get 8 orders a week, it will actually go down a bit. Also if I can build more holsters in a specific week I can get it a little lower. So it's just based on the number of orders I currently have and how many I can complete, I very much appreciate your patience while waiting for your holster to come up in the list, and I do my very best to be as honest and accurate with your wait as I can.

The other thing to mention is that things just happen. Sometimes when working with a material like leather problems occur and I have to scrap a holster and remake it which puts things even a little further behind.

All of these things contribute to why my lead times are always an ESTIMATE. I try my best to get you your holster by the date that I quote you when you place your order, but I honestly can't grantee it won't be a little late or even a little early. There are just too many factors to give real accurate lead times and I do try my best. You are always welcome to email me to get a little more accurate dates if I can give them once we get closer to building your holster out, but there is always some guesswork involved and they should still be considered an estimate.

Thanks to everyone reading this and if you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call or email me, whichever is more convenient for you.

Luke Adams