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Badwater OWB(outside the waistband) Magazine Carrier

Badwater OWB(outside the waistband) Magazine Carrier

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Supporting Small Business
We are a single family business with everything built in house.
Excellent Customer Service
All communications go through me the owner and maker of the holsters.
Artisan Quality
Each holster is individually made from the best materials by hand.

This is a new mag carrier for me taking the Badwater holster design and translating it into a mag carrier that is easy to snap on and off the belt. If you didn't care for threading your belt through a normal mag carrier, or don't like mags IWB then this is a great option allowing you to carry two mags comfortably while still concealing very well.

NOTE: Exotics are not included in the base pricing, they are listed on the drop down menu with prices.

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