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A good belt is crucial to concealed carry comfort. You need to not only find the right holster but also the right belt and I think this belt is the answer. Every belt is made of two separate layers of cowhide stitched together, the stitching is set deep to insure that the stitches are ..
  My switchback mag carrier is a iwb single offset clip mag carrier that makes it easy to carry a single stack mag and even a double. NOTE: Exotics are not included in the base pricing, they are listed on the drop down menu with prices...
The Appalachian holster is my take on the classic Bruce Nelson Professional design, which is commonly referred to as the Avenger style of holster but for crossdraw. It includes a reinforced mouth to insure one handed reholstering. This design works well for driving and accessibility while seated. It..
This design has been a custom request build for over three years I've built variations of it. Guys who have seen my pictures over the years might remember seeing this design called a Crossroads holster with loops which I used in a few of the older pictures. I've changed the attachment method to incl..
This is my interpretation of the classic Tom Threepersons holster, there are a few changes to the design. I enclosed the trigger guard to provide full coverage. The retention strap is removable with a snap on the rear if you prefer an open top holster rather than a retention setup. You can also move..
My outside the waistband pancake holster that creates an nice tight concealable platform. Aggressive cant allows the butt of the gun to tuck tight against the body.   Full sweatshield covering hammer and rear of slide Wide platform t..
This is my take on the Avenger or Professional holster. It has a much milder forward cant than say my Crossroads holster. It also includes a reinforced mouth on the holster to insure it won't collapse even during more rigorous activity like training, and things along those lines. Concealment w..
My Overpass Holster has allot in common shape and design wise with my Crossroads Holster that I designed back in 2010. However there are some significant differences so I decided to bring it out as it's own holster. This design is a high ride holster, with slightly less cant than my Crossroads and f..
This is a new mag carrier for me taking the Badwater holster design and translating it into a mag carrier that is easy to snap on and off the belt. If you didn't care for threading your belt through a normal mag carrier, or don't like mags IWB then this is a great option allowing you to carry two ma..
My new outside the waistband carrier creates an nice tight concealable platform. Aggressive cant allows the mags to tuck tight against the body. Full sweatshield covering top of magazine Each carrier  is designed and mol..
This is an OWB ammo carrier generally for a revolver. This style is called a 2x2x2 which keeps three sets of two rounds in each section...
I designed this Speedloader pouch based on my existing Moonclip pouch and basically took the whole concept and united it into one design. The concept works the same for a Speedloader as  a Moonclip however there is a difference in size and height because of that. So the way it works, the speedl..
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