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This is the leather loop OWB conversion for the Texas/Switchback holsters...
New for 2018 my Siesta IWB Holster, this is something that I've been wanting to come up with a good solution for since almost the beginning. A fairly slim, leather loop attachment holster that is still comfortable. This design has it's roots in the Bruce Nelson Summer Special design, with a heavy do..
My standard simple metal clips. They slip within the pocket in the front of the holster to give a nice secure connection.  If you already own one of my holsters and are replacing a broken clip just contact me via email or phone and I will replace them free under warranty. Thanks! This is a ..
This is a starter pack including a Texas holster, Texas mag carrier and a heavy duty gunbelt all in one discounted package. Normally this would run $275 for all three, and by buying them together you save $50. This is a great way to get started if your new to concealed carry. The options for exotics..
$299.99 $354.99
One of my first designs but still great and very comfortable. The Texas holster designed to distribute the weight of the gun over a wide area allowing for long term comfortable carry. Strong secure clips make this holster easy to take on and off as needed.Full Combat GripFull sweatshield covering ha..
This is a variation on my very popular Texas holster with a full mouth reinforcement allowing for easier one handed reholstering. It also provides a reinforced sweat shield on the rear to help it stay open as well.Full reinforced mouthStrong secure clips make this holster easy to take on and off as ..
Based on the "Texas" holster design, with a nice wide footprint to distribute the weight evenly on the belt. Great to carry two extra magazines in case of a malfunction of your primary mag or need for more ammunition. Strong secure clips make this ho..
A good belt is crucial to concealed carry comfort. You need to not only find the right holster but also the right belt and I think this belt is the answer. Every belt is made of two separate layers of cowhide stitched together, the stitching is set deep to insure that the stitches are ..
  My switchback mag carrier is a iwb single offset clip mag carrier that makes it easy to carry a single stack mag and even a double. NOTE: Exotics are not included in the base pricing, they are listed on the drop down menu with prices...
The Appalachian holster is my take on the classic Bruce Nelson Professional design, which is commonly referred to as the Avenger style of holster but for crossdraw. It includes a reinforced mouth to insure one handed reholstering. This design works well for driving and accessibility while seated. It..
This design has been a custom request build for over three years I've built variations of it. Guys who have seen my pictures over the years might remember seeing this design called a Crossroads holster with loops which I used in a few of the older pictures. I've changed the attachment method to incl..
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