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Texas IWB Holster Starter Pack - Holster, Mag carrier and belt

Texas IWB Holster Starter Pack - Holster, Mag carrier and belt

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Each holster is individually made from the best materials by hand.

This is a starter pack including a Texas holster, Texas mag carrier and a heavy duty gunbelt all in one discounted package. Normally this would run $275 for all three, and by buying them together you save $50. This is a great way to get started if your new to concealed carry. The options for exotics and other things are also discounted vs. buying each piece separately. Exotics are not used on the belts, so if you decide to get exotics the belt will come in the base color of the holster you selected.

One of my first designs but still great and very comfortable. The Texas holster designed to distribute the weight of the gun over a wide area allowing for long term comfortable carry.

  • Strong secure clips make this holster easy to take on and off as needed.
  • Full Combat Grip
  • Full sweatshield covering hammer and rear of slide
  • Interchangeable clips to allow for different cant and depth(Kydex options)
  • Smooth back of holster with details boned into the outer surface only for comfort
  • Wide platform to distribute the weight of the gun
  • This holster is designed to give you a full combat grip on the gun while it's still in the holster
  • Each holster is designed and molded specifically for each gun model


All holsters are available for both left and right hand.

Please email if you have any questions I can also help you over the phone if you prefer. 906-662-4212

I offer a 10% discount for active military and law enforcement officers. Please make sure to mention it when ordering.

Carry Position

The analogy of a clock is generally used to describe the location of carrying a holster or gun. The 12 o clock location is your belt buckle and 6 o clock would be the center of your back.

You can wear this at any position that it's comfortable for you, but since I wear one of these everyday I'll give you a couple pointers of what works for me. 

I generally wear my 1911 at around 4 o clock or right behind my hip, I've found for allot of people this is a great place to carry. I do find the grip does print very slightly at the rear, this is all but removed when I carry around the 3 o clock position. At 3 o clock I've found it's not quite as comfortable while sitting;) So like anything it's a tradeoff but I sit for much of the day so I stay behind the hip but if I'm going to be up and about I tend to remove the clips and move the holster up just a bit to give me slightly better concealment.

Attachment Options

All clips are able to be used as a "tuckable" config by removing the Chicago screws from below the existing clips. Then removing the clips and then placing the new clips on the front of the holster and attaching with the included Chicago screws. Additional sets of clips are available in the accessory section. If you have any questions on attachments please call or email.

A good belt is crucial to concealed carry comfort. You need to not only find the right holster but also the right belt and I think this belt is the answer. 

Every belt is made of two separate layers of cowhide stitched together, the stitching is set deep to insure that the stitches are protected against abrasion. 

When measuring for your belt please take your existing belt, and measure from the end of the buckle to the hole you are currently using.

When in doubt I would suggest contacting me to get a little better estimate.

  • Two layers
  • Reinforcement available
  • Reinforcement stitched to the back layer of the leather to provide a secure lifelong stability
  • Buckle is attached with Chicago screws so that you can change it if you have your own buckle you prefer
  • Provides a stable platform for even the heaviest guns

NOTE: Exotics are not included in the base pricing, they are listed on the drop down menu with prices.

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